Zero Waste Grocery Shopping: How to Buy in Bulk and Save Money

Learn how to buy in bulk and save money while reducing waste with these tips for zero waste grocery shopping.

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping: How to Buy in Bulk and Save Money

Are you looking for ways to reduce waste on your grocery list? Bulk shopping is a great way to save money and cut down on packaging. Bulk stores usually have lower overhead costs, which are passed on to you. Plus, you can purchase only what you need and avoid food waste. Here are some of the best items to buy in bulk to save money: Cereals, legumes, cereals and oats, granolas, nuts (nuts can go bad after 6 months, so buy only what you need), dried fruits, snacks, candies (candies can spoil relatively quickly, so buy what you need).

Spices and dried herbs, dried beans and dry pasta and rice are also cost-effective when bought in bulk. When you need items that can't be stored, such as spices, rice, dried beans and dry pasta, find the biggest container you can get your hands on. But also make sure you use what you buy before it becomes inedible to avoid food waste. In the case of dry products such as cereals, nuts, baking ingredients, snacks, beans, rice, pasta, coffee, etc., many of your household's staples are sold in bulk.

To make this part of your shopping trip truly “zero waste”, bring reusable garbage bags in bulk and a pen or a water-soluble crayon to write down the labels from the payment bin directly in the bag. Bulk shopping is an excellent way to save money and reduce packaging. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can make your grocery shopping trips zero waste.

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