Creating a Monthly Grocery List for Maximum Savings

Learn how to create a monthly grocery list for maximum savings by planning ahead and buying a mix of fresh, frozen, and self-stable products.

Creating a Monthly Grocery List for Maximum Savings

Creating a monthly grocery list is an effective way to save money and time. It's essential to plan ahead and purchase a combination of fresh, frozen, and self-stable products. To get started, divide your list into sections such as dairy, fresh produce, and miscellaneous items. Peanut butter is an incredibly versatile ingredient that can be used in many ways.

You can mix it with yogurt for a fruit sauce, roll it up with banana slices in a tortilla for a “sushi” shape, or even add it to a sauce for a tasty main course. Honey is another great pantry staple that can be used in homemade baked goods, Asian-style sauces for stir-fries, or as a healthier sweetener for oatmeal. Flour is also an inexpensive item that can be used to make bread, thicken sauces, make baked goods, and coat meat for frying. Apples are also very versatile and have a long shelf life.

You can mince them with peanut butter, cut them into thin slices and mix them into a light salad, or even roast them with sugar and cinnamon as a dessert. To plan your meals for the month, set a reminder on the 25th of each month. This is the time to get input from your family on what they would like to eat. Make a list of the foods you want to eat, including some interesting new recipes you've found and some old favorites.

You can use any calendar of your choice to store all of your recipes and meal plans. When planning meals, make sure you don't plan anything that requires too much preparation on days when you have other commitments such as swimming classes or PTO. Once you have your shopping list ready, place your order online. Open the website of your favorite online grocery store and add everything to your virtual cart (except for items you'll buy at Costco).

When ordering items, add those that need to be used first during the first or second week of the month. By following this cost-effective shopping list for a month, you'll be able to cover breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. If you're lucky enough to receive a gift certificate for grocery delivery, make sure you make those foods last as long as possible.

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